The Reviews Are In: Love, Simon is Sincere and Lovely

Teen romances are my guilty pleasure.

If you haven’t seen Love, Simon, I highly recommend it. Even if you’re not into teen romances about high school, there is something nostalgic and relatable about them.

This film is about a gay teenager who falls in love with another closeted classmate via email. There is an air of mystery as both Simon and the audience attempt to work out who “Blue,” the pen name donned by this mystery love interest, turns out to be. It’s an interesting storyline simply because it’s not really that interesting. Someone falls in love with someone via emails or texts or letters…it’s not a new concept; what makes this movie so wonderful is its honest, non-stereotyped portrayal of teens as they try to define who they are and announce that to the world.

This film has wonderful epic romantic gestures, beautiful people, and incredible comedic timing. Also, it’s complete with a guy you truly want to punch and a few teachers that you wish you had and you want to be.

The film is based on a book titled, Simon versus the Homo Sapiens Agenda, and I highly recommend reading the book before watching the movie. They changed many aspects of the book, but most of the main points remain the same in the movie. The book is told using language that many teens use today, which adds a certain level of nostalgia to an already honest storyline. While many may not be able to relate to the idea of announcing one’s sexuality to the world, there is something relatable in crafting a persona that the rest of the world can see. We do this daily, whether we realize it or not. The clothes we wear, the makeup we paint on, the pictures we post all of this is a persona we craft for those that don’t know us very well. Because sometimes that is easier than becoming brave and showing the world the truth. Because as Simon says, “What if the world doesn’t like you?” It’s terrifying, but this movie makes it just a little less scary.

So, for a good time, go see Love, Simon.

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